Restaurant POS


Point Of Sale software is a tool to streamline operations, cut costs, and increase profits.


Restaurant Manager helps to decrease costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue. Allowing servers to increase productivity by turning tables faster and decreasing wait times with easy check and item splitting, they will have all the tools necessary to keep customers happy. Maximize your revenue by instantly adding an item from any point of sale workstation allowing for more accurate reporting and better insight to which specials to repeat. Our point of sale terminals come fully equipped with cash register, debit/credit card readers as well as receipt printers. Welcome to the new age of point of sale technology, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.


  • Employee Scheduling Manage your workforce to fit the ebb and flow of the restaurant business on a daily, weekly, and seasonal basis.
  • Table Management & Reservations Accurately manage projected wait times and organize overall seating management with RM Wait List.
  • Takeout & Delivery Management controls and information regarding menu mix, inventory, sales, time and attendance, payments, and marketing options.
  • Inventory Control Eliminate theft and waste with a powerful and robust Inventory Control module.
  • Online Ordering Directly from the web straight to your kitchen, keep your restaurant streamlined on the internet.
  • Customer Loyalty RM Loyalty will help you accurately monitor the monetary gain from your marketing efforts, so that you can tailor your efforts as need be.

Manager Alerts

Running a lucrative restaurant is easier said than done. It’s hard to turn a profit when you paid $5,000 in overtime this week, had 4 walk-outs on Saturday night AND you can’t figure out why your cash tray won’t balance!! That’s why Restaurant Manager has been designed to work with a real-time reporting service called RM Alerts that pulls actionable data from your Restaurant Manager POS System and delivers it – in real-time – to the smart phones of top managers.

Online Ordering

Restaurant Manager’s fully integrated Online Ordering module gives you complete management of your restaurant’s dine-in and online ordering menu from one single system. All reporting a menus are neatly tied together and linked to the revenue centers you created for your establishment. Customers can place orders from on the mobile-friendly Website from and computer, tablet, or smartphone device with no special app to download.

Manager Monitor: Reports

RM Monitor is one of the powerful mobile POS solutions for managers and owners that can be fully integrated with the Restaurant Manager POS System. Keep tabs on key real-time data about your restaurant whether you are on site or away, at home, or on vacation. Access the most up to date data important to managing and monitoring your establishment using an iPhone, Android device, or web browser in just a few seconds. True visibility into on-site happenings through current day summary data on sales, customers, checks, average spend and labor.

Manager Loyalty

Fully automated loyalty module that integrates with your Restaurant Manager POS and the latest mobile technology. Operates seamlessly across one or many locations. Promote your restaurant and loyalty program via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with built in social media integration. Customers can view their current point balance, available rewards, and even future rewards


HotSchedules began as an online scheduling tool, and today, it’s still the industry’s most downloaded scheduling app on iTunes. We help managers create more accurate schedules up to 75% faster, with time-off requests and availabilities built right in. The HotSchedules app makes it easy for employees to access their schedules and communicate with coworkers from their mobile device. And when you’ve nailed the shift swap, we give you tools to reduce overtime, control early clock-ins, and optimize your labor costs.

Avero software has powerful restaurant solutions that improve profitability and the guest experience. Our restaurant management software is tailored to the way you work. Whether you are on the floor, in the kitchen or on the go, our industry-leading restaurant analytics software provides you valuable insights so you can make better decisions for your restaurant or enterprise.

Compeat Advantage is the only comprehensive back office software with fully integrated Accounting and Inventory specifically designed for restaurants. Compeat Advantage provides total control and a perfect audit of restaurant operations through accounts payable, bank reconciliation and financial reporting. It also takes care of all your back office and inventory needs, helping to control F&B costs by comparing actual vs. theoretical costs and usage, down to the recipe…down to the ingredient…down to the penny. Inventory creates Accounting transactions. Accounting drills down to Inventory transactions. It’s like peanut butter and jelly. You don’t want one without the other. It just makes sense. All your data in one common database and seamlessly integrated. Perfection.